What is O-HI-30?

2010-11-13_13-40-11Hi, my name is Sarah, and thanks for visiting O-HI-30!

This blog originally started off in my head as  “Are YOU my Husband?”, a site dedicated to sharing  my dating experiences in Columbus, Ohio – some good, most not-so-good.  But with my 30th birthday looming, a thought occurred to me – why limit myself to writing about dating, when my life as a 30-something is so much more?  Dating is certainly part of it (a funny part of it, yes), but so are many things: food (I could write a whole blog on the topic alone), fitness (I’m a spin instructor and a triathlete!), friends (mine are some of the best out there), family (about as close and crazy as they come), funding an active social life (and shopping habit), felines (I have a grey and great cat named Susan – perhaps that’s why I’m single?) – the list goes on.

Turning 30 can be a difficult time for many people – and it’s even harder when you are single and living in the Midwest.  When most of your friends are getting married and starting families, it’s easy to focus on the parts of your life that are “missing”.  But I’ve realized that worrying about these things doesn’t actually make them happen any faster.  And in the meantime, you might forget to pay attention to all the other great aspects of your life.   In writing this blog, I hope to fully appreciate all of life’s adventures – and maybe inspire you to do the same!

319008family thanksgivingcat

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