Hey guys.  Remember me?

No?  Well, I can’t blame you.  After all, it’s been over six weeks since I last showed up on this space.  I had very little interest in doing anything remotely productive over the Holidays (see photo below), and since then I’ve devoted all of my energy to navigating my new workplace – the Northstar Cafe in the Short North!  I’m not going to spend this post delving into the details of my new “home”, but suffice it to say that I’m happy to be there and am officially running my own shifts.  Come visit me!  IMG_3083

I’m off today, and for the first time in a long time I feel relaxed.  My life is basically in order, I don’t work until 3 PM tomorrow, and I finally feel like I have the energy to sit down and write.  Getting started is always the hardest part, but once I get back into this space, it always feel so damn good.

But where to start?  It’s been so long that I hardly know where to begin.  I have some thoughts floating around in my head that deserve their own posts, and hopefully will get them sooner than later.  But for today, I think I’ll start slowly by sharing some of my recent eats and doings – because who doesn’t love reading about what other people eat and do?! (she said with just a slight amount of sarcasm…).

A couple of weeks ago, on a Thursday, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  It was my day off, but I was just crabby and feeling down.  I kind of wanted to stay in bed all day, but that’s just not how I roll.  Instead, I got myself out of bed, put on some leggings and a cozy sweater, grabbed my kindle, and took myself out to breakfast.

Tasi Cafe is this adorable little Brooklyn-style cafe directly behind my apartment.  Although I’ve eaten there many times over the years, I have yet to ever eat there alone.  Not so much because I’m afraid of dining out alone, but because I just find myself eating out with friends enough, and being alone is an opportunity to cook in my own kitchen.  But on this particular Thursday morning, my refrigerator was in a dire state, I was starving, and as I mentioned, I just felt blah.  Taking myself out for breakfast just seemed like the smart thing to do!

I went with my fav:  the greek scrambled eggs with multigrain raisin and walnut bread and a side of fruit (plus coffee, duh).  It hit. the. spot!  And was the perfect fuel the swim workout that followed.  Talk about turning the day around!  And instead of using numbers to find tables like we do at Northstar, Tasi uses dogs – isn’t that cute?!

Later that day I went to Trader Joe’s for a massive restock, and randomly bought mini cinnamon raisin bagels and light whipped cream cheese – it just sounded so good (and no, I’m not pregnant).  Once I got home, I made myself this epic lunch that has manifested itself multiple times since: a mini bagel sandwich with cream cheese, avocado, thinly sliced cheddar, lettuce, and red onion, served with a hard boiled egg, TJ’s roasted root chips (the BEST), and a cara cara orange (just for size comparison, this is an appetizer plate).  A very filling lunch that hit the spot!IMG_3145

I’ve also been munching on the only cookies I ever bake – oatmeal walnut chocolate chip! IMG_3123

Earlier this month I made a batch of these, which was so ridiculous it deserves it’s own post.  The recipe is courtesy of my high school BFF Allison’s mom (minus the spices and with an extra half stick of butter!).  During one visit to her family’s house in 2005, we made these cookies at least three times because I just couldn’t stop eating them.  Those of you who know me well know I HATE to bake, but I LOVE cookies, which means I bake about once a year and then hoard the cookies all to myself, freezing half the batch and rarely giving any away (except I did give Ashely a small handful of these for her birthday – a generous offer of friendship on my part!).  The kitchen was a disaster, I almost forgot the baking soda (or was it powder?!), and I burnt half the batch, but it was all worth it.  Or was it?!

On the fitness front, I’ve been enjoying this warmer weather we’ve been having and have been hitting the pavement for some outdoor runs.  I actually love running in cold weather – I went for a run this morning in 32 degrees – but usually snow and ice complicate things.  Not this winter, and I’m not complaining!  During one particularly nice run I took these photos of my city.  Lookin’ good, Columbus! IMG_3093IMG_3095

Also on the fitness front, this weekend I am competing in my third annual OSU Indoor Triathlon!  Recall that last year I participated and placed second in the swim, third in the run…and SECOND TO LAST in the bike!  WTF.  As a spin instructor, this particularly annoys me.  The bikes are of course stationary, and we are measured on the “distance” we bike in 20 minutes – the distance being a result of resistance and speed.  Apparently I haven’t figured out the key to manipulating the bikes, but I’m determined that this year will be the year!  012

My cousin Emily will be joining me this year, and I’m super excited to have a partner-in-crime!  As an avid cross-fitter and serious runner, she will be some serious competition – friendly competition, that is 🙂  Looking forward, Ems!

That is all for now, friends.  I will leave you with these two amazing pictures of Susan.  #catshavethebestlifeIMG_3101 (1)IMG_3149Happy 2016!

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  1. I’m so looking forward to Saturday! It’ll be interesting to see how it goes; I have no idea what to expect. 😊

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