Vodka, pizza, and bears, oh my!

Time for another Adventures post!

On Friday night, my friends Jenny, Chris, and I went to a new bar in the Short North called “Oddfellows“.  For you Cbus-ers, Oddfellows is owned by the creator of Mikey’s Late Night Slice, so we knew at the very least it was going to be unique.  And it did not disappoint!  One look at their Facebook page tells you that Oddfellows is not your typical Short North bar.  It prides itself on being a “Shitty Bar in the Short North”, and it mostly lives up to that tagline.  For one, it smells a little like sewage, but not in a bad way – just in a “we are a dive bar” kind of way.  The decor reminds me of Betty’s (may she rest in peace), with its absurdly goofy and random charm.  And the fancy cocktails are just $7 each – mine consisted of fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice, vodka, elderflower, and a salted rim.  Major yum.  I’m not sure that a place that lists “add cold-pressed juice to any cocktail for $3” on their drink menu can really be considered “shitty”, but I’ll give them props for trying.

And the best part?  Bacon Peanut Brittle!  Replace the standard peanuts in peanut brittle with bacon, add some nutella-mousse dipping sauce, and you’ve got a very unique bar treat.

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Harvest Pizza
Don’t you hate when you purposely save part of your meal at a restaurant so you can enjoy it a second time as leftovers, only to discover you forgot your doggie bag at the restaurant?  That happened to me on Thursday night, and I’ve been craving more pizza ever since.  So yesterday afternoon I dragged Karen to the new Harvest Pizza in Clintonville (she’s a great dining partner).  I’ve dined at their German Village location and was excited to check out their new digs.  Although their Clintonville menu is expanded to include sandwiches and burgers, I had pizza on the brain.  And with a pizza-and-salad lunch special, I couldn’t go wrong!

I started with the Kale Caesar salad, which is what it sounds like.  Now, I like kale, but I’m not one of the kale-obsessed.  But let me tell you, this salad is GOOD.  Karen opted for the Butterhead, which had one major selling point – Cheese Curds!  Both were excellent.



As for the pizza, I ordered my stand-by, the Spicy Yuma, which had chorizo, peppers, jalapenos, and corn, as well as a spicy tomato sauce.  It was tasty as always.  I ate all but two slices, and this time I did not forget the leftovers (which were consumed that same day as a lateish-night snack).  Karen got the mushroom.  We traded slices, and while I’m not a fan of cooked mushrooms, the truffle oil more than made up for it.  #foodtrend



The only thing better than having fancy pizza and salads for lunch?  Having fancy pizza and salads for lunch for just $9!  Check out our super cheap bill -I think we might have to start venturing from our beloved Northstar Cafe more often…


Polar Bears!
Last night, my company hosted its annual summer family outing at the Columbus Zoo!


Just hanging out with the chimps

My friends Jackie, Ashley, and Johnny accompanied me, and we met up with Matt (who also works at MT) and his partner Tim.  We had a fantastic time wandering about, getting thisclose to kangaroos and watching baby bonobos act like humans.  My company even had a private viewing of the new Heart of Africa exhibit, but unfortunately, we missed the giraffes as it was apparently past their bedtime.


Full disclosure – part of the reason we missed the giraffes is because I reallllly wanted to see the polar bears!  #looklikebigcats.  So. Freaking. Cute!


Thanks, MT, for a great night!  As a side note, Jackie is officially “Jackie Hanna”, as she spent THREE DAYS IN A ROW at the zoo!  First with her family, then with us last night, and today with some friends who were in town!  She should have just spent the night with the chimps.

And finally, my Sunday night “supper”!   As I discussed in this post, mac & cheese and meatballs are two of my go-to meals.  I was out of meatballs, so I whipped up a batch of them to freeze and use later on.  I usually put chicken sausage in my fancy mac & cheese, but since I was making meatballs I threw some of them in the pot instead!  But the real reason I’m sharing this dinner is because of a trick I read on one of my favorite blogs, Healthy Tipping Point.  Instead of mixing the cheese packet with boring-old milk (even worse if all you have is skim, like I do), mix the cheese packet with ~1/2 cup of plain greek yogurt (I added a splash of milk too).  It makes the mac extra-creamy and the greek yogurt adds a slight tang that makes it much more satisfying than standard mac & cheese.  And just like I discussed in this post, I packed up the leftovers for lunch tomorrow.  2 for 1!



What adventures did you have this weekend?!

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  1. Straight from SAFE Israel: I could not resist by commenting that we must have not taken you enough time to the zoo when you were little. That was not a chimp but a gorilla – unless, of course, you meant the other two-legged creatures in the pic…

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