A month and a half ago I wrote a post titled Random.  I’ve decided to turn that into a series of “Random” posts, similar to my “Adventures” posts – but instead of writing about my latest Adventures, I’ll write about whatever random things I’ve been into lately.  Enjoy the randomness!

Serial Update
I talked about Serial in my first Random post.  If you’re still not listening to this outstanding podcast, I ask you – what the hell are you waiting for?!  I’m proud to say I’m a part of the fraction of listeners who have been tuning into serial since the very first episode.  Week by week, I waited eagerly for each episode to be released on Thursday mornings – no binge listening here (not going to lie, kind of jealous of those people). And now, ten episodes in, everyone is doing it!  With 1.26 million downloads per week, you can be assured that bringing it up at your next holiday social engagement is a sure-fire way to stir up conversation.  So get listening!
And for those of you who are smart and have been listening – check out this awesome Serial People Map I found on the Serial Facebook page.  It’s hard to keep everyone straight, especially if you’ve been listening to the podcast for two months like I have.  There are tons of other timelines and maps – check em out and tell me what I should check out!

Columbus: #1 City for Single Women?!?!
You C-busers have likely already heard about the articles published last week stating that Columbus, Ohio is the #1 city in the US for single women, according to the website datingadvice.com.

Yes, you read that right – the #1 city for single women!  Say what?!  This was based on the number of available men, and that’s not per capita.. it’s the actual hard numbers.  I find it very hard to believe that there are not more than 137,281 single men in New York City or LA or Chicago.

As a single woman (well…until very recently…plus, maybe they mean single vs. married?) who has been dating in Columbus for years and years….all I can say is, if we’re #1, that paints a really dire picture of the rest of the US.  Now, I know that the “grass is always greener”, and that dating is challenging no matter where you live.  But I have a very hard time believing that this is really the best city for single women.  Really?!  The Midwest, where people get married at the ripe old age of 25?!  The city with one of the largest gay populations in the country?  Of course, the article doesn’t mention that probably half of those single men play for the other team.  Or are secretly married.

But O-HI-30 is all about viewing the glass as half full – so if you’re single in Columbus and you haven’t tried online dating, what are you waiting for?!  #1!

Trader Joe’s Candy Cane Green Tea / POM Wonderful
Couple shout-outs to some recent grocery finds!  Well, the first one isn’t so recent, but I’ve been drinking Trader Joe’s Candy Cane Green Tea like crazy now that it’s the season.  It’s like peppermint tea meets a York peppermint patty – actually, it’s like a candy cane!  Goes really well with all those cookies you’ll be enjoying in the office this month.
candy cane green tea

Second, at the grocery store yesterday I picked up this awesome container of pomegranate Arils.  What the heck are those, you ask?  They’re the little tiny seed-like goodies that make up a pomegranate.  I usually buy whole pomegranates this time of year and shell them myself, but it’s such a pain in the butt that I haven’t this year.  So when I saw this container on sale yesterday for just $2.50 – the same price as the whole fruit itself – I thought it was too good to be true!  Turns out, I think it was – it rang up as $4-something – but I asked the cashier about the discrepancy and she ended up giving it to me for free!  #youonlygetwhatyouaskfor  #score.

I enjoy them in salads or in my morning yogurt / oatmeal.  Try it!

The Best Tights
This one’s for the ladies – sorry gentlemen, please keep reading!  Now ladies, if you’re like most women, you’ve searched far and wide for the perfect pair of tights.  How many pairs do you have that are too tight, or too short, or itch, or fall down?  For me, the perfect pair of tights is easy to get on (not a lot of careful pulling and tugging), sits extra high on my waist (easily to the the belly-button), is smoothing but not suffocating, and is just the slightest bit sheer.  Enter these  Xhilaration Tights from Target!  At just $6 a pair ($5 last year), they are cheap enough that you won’t feel bad if they snag….but they rarely do!  I have lots of black pairs as well as a plain grey, charcoal gray, and two shades of purple.  The key to buying tights it to buy them a size up…or at least go big – I buy mine in Med/Tall (I think height goes up to 6’o” for that size) so that there is lots of extra room.  I also see that Target sells extra-long ones online – if you’re tall, maybe check those out too!

What are you randomly into these days?


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  1. I will have to try your tights recommendation. The ones we bought on our epic shopping trip are good for length/opaqueness, but they are too wide in the waist! The search for the perfect tights continues…

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