For the second time since I became an Ohio State Buckeye in 2002, Ohio State is the Best Damn Team In All The Land!  I almost wasn’t going to post on the subject – after all, what hasn’t already been said on your Facebook feed?  But then I realized, what the hell am I thinking?!  Of COURSE I have to blog about this historical moment!

Yesterday started off on the right foot – casual Monday!  After a busy work day filled with anticipation and excitement, there was just one more thing between me and the game – Spinning!  I debated finding a sub to teach my Monday night spin class, but given my less-than-stellar attendance rate in the upcoming weeks and my love of teaching I decided to squeeze it in.  Class starts at 6:45 and usually lasts ~50 minutes, so yesterday I cut it back a little to ensure everyone (read: I) would have time to get outta there, shower, and be in front of the TV by the 8:30 kickoff.  As I suspected, class was smaller than usual with 14 people, but those 14 people were there to get their sweat on and adrenaline pumping before the big game!  I made a special National Championship playlist with songs that remind me of the Buckeyes (and tailgating!):

If that playlist doesn’t get you pumped up, than I don’t know what will!  Even Johnny approved!

After a frighteningly quick shower and lean cuisine dinner (I keep them around for nights like this), it was off to the bar!  It was tempting to watch the game at someone’s house, but we watched the Sugar Bowl at a bar and the lively atmosphere was so fun.  Luckily my friends had their priorities straight and got to the bar early last night – no spin for them – so despite it being packed, we had a decent space with bar access.  When I arrived, a cold bud light draft in a plastic cup was waiting for me – it was going to be that kind of night!

Insert flashbacks to the 2006 National Championship, when I was a mere 22 years old and about to graduate, and 18 of my closest friends and I flew across the country to cheer on the Bucks as they played Florida (home to Urban Meyer at the time) in the National Championship.  We had an absolute blast the weekend before the game (we won’t talk about the game itself).
2006 national championship
Eight years later, the friend group has largely remained the same (with some new additions!), and we’re still going to crazy bars, but this time the outcome was much more favorable!
national champs
Ashley turned the big 3-1 at midnight, which corresponded to roughly the same time that we realized that barring some horrible disaster, the Buckeyes were going to be crowned National Champions!  We sang Happy Birthday and Hang on Sloopy and brought in the win!

I could go on about how unbelievable of a season it was – who remembers how everyone thought the season was over before it started because Braxton was hurt, or because we lost to Virginia Tech?! – but I’ll leave that to your Facebook feeds.  Suffice it to say that a little persistence, agility, and unwavering leadership can go a long way.  #anythingcanhappen!


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