Happy Monday (probably Tuesday when I post this), O-HI-30 readers!  I hope you’re recovering well from the debacle that was the Super Bowl.  All I can say is, it was nice watching a game not involving the Buckeyes.  Anyone with me?  And despite some less-than-positive reactions in my office this morning re: the commercials, on the whole I actually really enjoyed them.  They were certainly more serious ones than previous years, packed with “messages” – the Dodge featuring the centenarians, Always “like a girl”, Nationwide killing little boys (too far).  But Doritos stayed funny (all of their commercials are created by regular people like you and me!), and I loved Avocados from Mexico (“the first draft”).  I’m sure I’m forgetting lots, but I enjoyed.  I also ate a lot of dip (gauc, queso, buffalo chicken – missed you, Pam!) and enjoying watching beach balls and Missy Elliot dance.  All in all, a fun night.  Thanks, Clint and Kelly (parents-to-be!) for hosting!
022Side note – Kelly didn’t want a TV that big, so she and Clint agreed that if he got his pick of the TV, she got to pick everything else in the entire house.  #marriage #compromise

OK, so back to the title of this blog post.  Swim, Bike, Run!  Yep, yesterday I did a triathlon.  And indoor triathlon, that is.  I first learned about indoor triathlons reading one of my favorite blogs, Healthy Tipping Point.  It sounded fun – a triathlon you can do in the winter?  So I did a search and quickly stumbled upon the OSU Triathlon Club’s Indoor Triathlon.  Unlike outdoor triathlons that measure your time, indoor triathlons typically measure your distance in a set period of time, making it easier to manage limited swim lanes / bikes / track space.  This tri was a shorty – 10 minute swim, 10 minute transition, 20 minute bike, 5 minute transition, 15 minute run = grand total of one hour, 45 minutes of work.

When “race weekend” came around, I really didn’t feel like going.  Why did I sign up for this thing when I could just go to hot yoga instead?  But I paid for it, and knew that once I was there I would be glad I did it.  And I am!  The entire experience was over in just two hours – and that’s saying something, considering it takes about 10 minutes just to park and walk into the RPAC.  A triathlon that’s over and done with in two hours?  Can’t beat it!

I was fortunate this year to have some company while swimming, biking, and running (and in between).  Wyatt was an excellent spectator, serving as both my support crew and my very own personal photographer.

The swim was by far my favorite part, per usual.  There is just something about swimming in a state-of-the-art, best-in-its-class facility like the RPAC Aquatic Center.  The water was so crisp and clear.
014I went a little fast out of the gate, but was able to hold the pace most of the way, swimming 585 meters in 10 minutes – 20 more meters than last year!  Completely out of breath but wishing I could keep swimming and skip the bike and run, I pulled myself out of the water and into the locker room where I transitioned to my biking and running clothes.  The transitions were super low-key, a nice departure from the frantic changing that accompanies outdoor triathlons; I even had time to use the restroom and hang around before the bike portion.

Ah, the bike.  You would think that as a spin instructor, the bike would be my favorite (and best) part…but au contraire.  This photo was taken before the bike – I wasn’t that happy after!
017I biked just over five miles in the 20 minutes.  Apparently, that was pretty lame (although it was further than I went last year…).  I blame most of it on the stationary bikes – unlike the swim and the run, the bike is heavily dependent on the equipment.  The “distance” you cover is a combination of pedal speed (RPM) and resistance – which is apparently not equal on all bikes.  For example, the girl next to me was pedaling slower, on a lighter resistance…and going “further” than me.  And she wasn’t the only one.  WTF.  I’m not particularly competitive, but my streak came out when I realized that all the bikes I could see were beating me.  I tried to focus on my own bike (Wyatt kept me company and attempted to keep me focused), and before I knew it the 20 minutes were up and it was time to hit the track.  Bring it!

After a frustrating bike, I was excited to hit the track and regain my dignity.  And regain it I did!  The track was 200 meters, so 8 laps = 1 mile.  Since the run was just 15 minutes and not my usual 30-45, I knew I could push it with the pace.  I ran my heart out for all 15 minutes, and covered 15.25 laps – 1.9 miles, a 7:53 min / mile pace!  Me, running sub-8 minute miles?!  I couldn’t believe it!  Wyatt was so busy counting my laps (and daydreaming, I suspect) that he forgot to capture a photo of event #3, but he did capture this photo of me after the event – 45 minutes of intense work, complete!
There were 26 women in my division (“open” – there was a separate division for collegiate athletes).

Swim: 585 Meters in 10 minutes.  Place: 2 / 26
Bike: 5.1 Miles in 20 minutes.  Place: 25 / 26
Run: 1.9 miles in 15 minutes.  Place: 3 / 26
Overall Place: 10 / 26

Yes, folks, you read that right…I placed second in the swim, third in the run, and….25th in the bike.  wah.  Some of it can certainly be blamed on the bike itself – girls pedaling much slower and lighter than me went further?! – but not all.  The bike is usually the hardest part of real triathlons for me, so I’m not surprised that it was my weakest event.  But I am surprised – and unconvinced – that it was SO weak compared to everyone else.  I’ll take comfort in three things:  1. It wasn’t a “real” bike, 2. I teach a hard spinning class – I’m not out of shape! and 3. I killed the swim and the run!   Not bad for a girl who didn’t play sports growing up!

I’m glad I signed up, and I’m even more glad I dragged my butt to the race and didn’t give in to my desire to bail.  I always have fun once I’m out there!  If any of you are thinking about getting into triathlons, I highly recommend checking out an indoor tri in your area.  It’s a great way to get familiar with the sport in less intimidating way.

Triathlon Season can’t come soon enough!


  1. Two comments: (i) the bike was broken – it is inconceivable to think YOU, of all people, will make 25/26 – be an American and sue the event; (ii) Wyatt looks GREAT with a beard! Get used to it, girl!

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