Today is the first day of my 30’s.  Many older, wiser people (mostly women) have told me that their 30’s were the best years of their life.  The insecurities experienced as 20-somethings turn into a true sense-of-self, freeing one up to fully experience life’s joys.  If I’m still writing this blog in ten years (that is, if  I make it ten months /weeks / days), hopefully I’ll look back fondly at this first post, in full agreement that indeed, my 30’s were fabulous.

But with less than 24 hours as a 30-something, I thought I’d take this first post to reflect on the last ~two years of my 20’s.  Over the course of Memorial Day weekend 2012, my dear friend Ashley and I made “30 before 30” lists – 3o goals/experiences to complete before our 30th birthdays.  It actually took the greater part of my 28th year to add all 30 items to this list.  The question is, did I complete all 30 before May 18, 2014?


  1. Makeout with two guys in the same night:  Confession:  I had already completed this noble task prior to making this list.  But only two weeks prior, and it was such a feat that it had to be added.  It was the night of my 28th birthday, at my MBA “prom” – two guys within two minutes.  Check, check.
  2. (Private):  Sadly, this has not yet been accomplished.  But that’s what my 30s are for!
  3. Take a trip to San Francisco:  Fail.  Hopefully soon!
  4. Make Mom’s almond cake:  Fail.  I hate baking.  I was actually going to do this in the last few weeks, but then my Mom made the cake for my graduation – ruining all chances of me actually making it.  And it’s not even hard.
  5. Finish a triathlon:  Check!  Two times over.  Next up – #’s 3 and 4 this summer – one of them an Olympic distance!
  6. See a good comedian live:  Fail.  Any suggestions?
  7. Loosen hamstrings – more flexibility:  Difficult to measure, but I think I’ve done this – thanks to many of Sally’s hot yoga classes at Grow Yoga and V Power (future post)
  8. Go to the farmer’s market once a month (May-Nov):  Fail.  Sounds like such a good idea, but shortly after making this list I started teaching my Spin class on Saturday mornings.  Maybe one day.
  9. Buy something fabulous and unique at a boutique:  Not sure about unique, but I did buy fabulous $200 jeans at High Street Denim.  Also purchased my Hanukkah Party dress at the same time – definitely unique and fabulous.  Check.
  10. Keep seeing Brianna:  Brianna is a girl I met volunteering with an organization called Girls on the Run.  She is awesome, and I decided to informally take her under my wing – kind of like a big sisters thing.  I’ve taken her on afternoon outings a few times, but not enough.  Half Check? 
  11. Start volunteering again after graduation:  Check!  As soon as I graduated I started volunteering again with GOTR.  We just had our end-of-season 5K today.  Great way to start year 30!
  12. Go back to Keeneland:  We went to Keeneland for my bff Ashley’s Bachelorette Party in the spring of 2012.  $2 bets?  Yes, please.  Unfortunately, couldn’t get this together – 40 before 40?
  13. Do an arm balance and/or headstand in yoga: Almost check.  Working on it!
  14. Go to one new restaurant or bar per month:  I didn’t really get serious about this until about 2 months ago.  But when I got serious, I got serious!  I went to three new places on a Tuesday night, for instance.  Future blog post, most definitely.
  15. Update my resume and start job hunting:  I did update my resume, but I didn’t’ start job hunting – because I got promoted at my current job post-MBA.  Check!
  16. Stop f-ing biting my nails:  Fail.  But, instead I get manicures every other week or so – so at least my nails are presentable half of the time.  #badhabit
  17. Replace TV stand and night stand:  Check.  When you’ve lived in the same apartment for five years, you need to find ways to make it feel new.
  18. Revisit back solutions:  My back reminds me that I’m 30-going-on-80 every.  single.  day.  Needless to say, it’s not any better than it was when I started this list.  But maybe I’m better at coping with it?  Icy Hot Patches.
  19. Organize and print photos:  Major fail.  I’d rather watch The Good Wife.
  20. Go apple picking in Columbus:  Fail – but this was a stupid addition to the list.  I go apple picking almost every year with my parents at home.
  21. Learn how to curl my hair using a straightener:  Fail, sadly.  Straighteners make the best curls!  I’m just not good at fancy hair.
  22. PR in a 5K:  Check!  Ashley and I rocked it out this past fall: 27.01.  Beat my previous PR by 30 seconds!
  23. Learn how to clip in outdoors:  Huge Check!  This was a big one for me – I was VERY nervous – but now that I have the hang of it, “clipping in” while riding my bike is almost second nature.  Almost.
  24. See President Obama speak in person:  Check!  Confession:  I had already done this when I added it to the list.  But I went out of my way to hear him speak at Ohio State’s Spring Commencement last year, and it was well worth it.
  25. Listen to NPR every weekday:  Does 10 minutes count?  If so, then check.
  26. Do 50 pushups in a row:  Eh.  Fail.  But 50 is a lot.  I did start seeing a personal trainer, though, and I am getting strong!
  27. Send Devon and Dylan gifts twice a year (birthdays and one other time):  Check!  I want to be a cool cousin to my little cousins (second or third cousins?) that live in North Carolina.  They are really great girls and they deserve some extra love!
  28. Start a face skin care routine:  Check.  I’m 30 now – I have to moisturize.
  29. Watch The Godfather:  Fail.  See #19.
  30. Read two “business” books:  Half check.  I read “Lean In” and have been a promoter of it ever since.  Need to get on that second book.

Total complete?  Let’s go with 17.  Not so hot.  But you know what?  I had fun just knowing the list existed.  So I didn’t organize my photos or watch The Godfather.  Maybe instead I went to dinner with friends (see #14) or watched my current TV show obsession instead.  And that’s OK.

31 before 31?


  1. happy birthday, chait! it feels like it’s only been a few years since your 21st! guess not, though…

    congratulations on starting your blog! xx

  2. I think “Write a ’30-Before-30′ list and stick with it” should be number 1 here — another check! More than half in 2 years is an awesome start.

  3. Dear Sarah …Your mom invited me to read your blog…It took about a month before
    I could figure out how to get on cause she kept forgetting to send more details. I needed
    lots of details! I have never read a blog before!
    Your blog is so heartfelt and amusing at the same time. Life life!

    GOOD LUCK ON YOUR TRI TODAY!!!! xoxo Shellie Sedlak….writing
    from Lake Chautauqua, NY…my own personal paradise.

    1. Thank you Shellie!

      So kind of you to read. “heartfelt and amusing” is an excellent way to describe it, and quite a compliment. Thank you!

      Tri update will be posted tonight or tomorrow 😉

      O-HI-30 🙂

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