O-HI-30 is six months old today!cropped-logo-white-ffffff.jpgOn May 18, 2014, my 30th birthday, I posted my first post to O-HI-30: my 30-before-30 list. It’s hard to believe that six months and 43 posts have passed since then.  This space has been more rewarding that I ever imagined. Yes, it’s provided me a creative outlet to share my experiences as a 30-something in Columbus, Ohio.  But it’s been so much more than that.  Through this space, I’ve felt connected to all of you in a way I didn’t know was possible; strangely enough, I’ve felt less lonely.  Something about putting words on the page (ahem, screen) has been cathartic in an unexpected way.

To honor this milestone, I thought I would do something I’ve been meaning to do for a while – get organized!  You’ll see that on the menu bar at the top of the page, I created some new pages to categorize my posts in a way that might be helpful for readers both new and old to locate posts on a specific topic(s).  I also promise that I will go back and categorize all of my posts – that’s just a larger undertaking 🙂  I invite you to check out the four new pages:  food, fitness, fellas, and fun to see some of my favorite posts all in one place.  My personal favorites are perhaps the most introspective: Rejection and Expect.  But I also love Sweat and Tofu (it’s not as scary as it looks!).

I hope that in these posts you have found something that speaks to you – whether it’s what to make for dinner tonight, how to navigate the online dating world, or that time I peed my pants during a triathlon – or some of the other 40+ posts over the past six months!

Thank you, reader, for making O-HI-30 a part of your day! Because let’s face it:  writing is enjoyable, but writing knowing that others are reading?  That’s what it’s all about!




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