This Adventures post is dedicated to my friend Matt, who was a part of almost all of my adventures this week!  Everyone needs a Matt in their lives.

On Tuesday, I attended my first Columbus Young Professionals event, a wine tasting at Camelot Cellars in the Short North.  I am not a member of CYP, but Matt is and invited me to be his “guest”.  When I got Matt’s email Tuesday morning asking if I wanted to go, my initial reaction was “meh”.  I coach Girls on Track on Tuesday evenings (future post), and my plan was to go to yoga afterwards and have a chill night.  But in the spirit of O-HI-30, I decided that I should take Matt up on his offer – maybe I’d meet someone interesting, and at the very least, Matt and I would have fun.  So I hurried home following GOT practice, took a lightening fast shower, blow-dryed my hair, put on a cute skirt and met Matt.

As these types of events typically are, it was a little awkward at first.  But we quickly found another guy/girl friend combo to chat with, and really enjoyed their company for the next hour or so.  The wine, on the other hand, was just so-so – sorry, Camelot Cellars!  With our entrance fee we got four tastes and one full glass.  Surprisingly, my favorite was the strawberry lychee – strange for a girl who loves full-bodied cabs.

wine tasting card

Sweet Strawberry Wine

Sweet Strawberry Wine

The highlight of the night was the quick bite we grabbed after the wine tasting at Press Grill – small wedge salad and cottage fries for this girl!  My mouth is watering just looking at this photo – best blue cheese dressing EVER.  Best wedge salad EVER.  If, like Matt, you haven’t been to press grill, I implore you to change that ASAP!

press grill wedge
As is usually the case, I’m so glad I took Matt up on his offer to go out and meet some new people.  Of course, it’s always easier to stay in and not do things, and sometimes that’s what’s necessary.  But O-HI-30 is all about seizing opportunities, and I’m very glad I made the effort to spice up an otherwise boring Tuesday night.  Thanks, Matt!

To balance out the wine I drank Tuesday night, Friday night some friends and I went to Oktoberfest, and I had a big beer:beer and sausage

I also enjoyed some German sausage (insert obvious joke here) with peppers and onions and sauerkraut.  It was tasty.  It was my first time at Oktoberfest, and it was really fun – great band (Matt and Tim and I danced!), cold beer, and a lively atmosphere.  My friend Zane feels the same way about Oktoberfest as I do about the Annual Epic Tailgate (it’s the best day of the year), so I’m glad I could be there to enjoy it with him!



Continuing the theme of fun adventures with Matt, he and I attended the OSU game vs. Cincinnati yesterday!

osu game
This was Matt’s very first Ohio State game in The ‘Shoe – it was quite the honor to accompany him!  He refused to cheer “O-H-I-O” out of respect for his Alma Matar (a lesser Big 10 school, Indiana), but I’m pretty sure he was impressed by the ‘Shoe – who wouldn’t be?!  We also were rebels and snuck mini liquor bottles that had made their way into my purse earlier in the day (it’s a long story) into the Stadium by way of Matt’s waistband.  We promptly purchased some overpriced soda and made ourselves some cocktails!

osu game drinks

Prior to the game, we spent the afternoon tailgating with Nash and Kyle and some friends.  I heart tailgating!  6 PM came too quickly. A hotdog was consumed during the game and a slice of pizza was consumed at the bar after, so I’d say the day was a success.

And to top off a week full of Adventures, today I went for a bike ride in the fall leaves.  Matt wasn’t with me this time, but he was with me in spirit!  This was my first ride since my Olympic triathlon – I needed a major break (from outdoor cycling – there has been plenty of swimming, running, and indoor cycling since!), and likely my last until the Spring.  It felt good (albeit a little nerve-wracking – turns still make me nervous), and I loved the sound of the leaves crunching beneath me.  fallride

So there ya have it — a week’s worth of the Adventures of a Midwestern 30-Something, Matt-style!


  1. Nice, sweet one… You are a good friend to so many people – and they reciprocate. Good friends is life’s secret, and so hard for almost everyone to get. You invest in people – and you get it back.

    Love you,


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