My dear friend Ash is running her first full Marathon (she’s run two halves, which is basically the same thing, right?) this Sunday in the Columbus Marathon.  I’m so proud of all the work she’s done to get to this point – many many Saturdays of 5:30 AM wakeup calls to run the distance with Marathon in Training (MIT), and many many “shorter” runs in between.  Now that the big day is almost here, I wanted to contribute to her success in the best way I know how (besides cheering her on, of course) – with a kickass playlist!

Johnny, Ash and I at a Much Shorter Race

Johnny, Ash and I at a Much Shorter Race

As a spin instructor, I believe music can make or break a workout.  The right playlist can make a workout fly by, make you work harder, faster, and just make you feel good.  While music isn’t as critical to a good run as it is a spin class, I’m not one of those runners who just enjoys the nature around me – unless I’m running with a friend, I always listen to music to push me through those (three or four) miles.  Ash is the same way, and so while there will be tons of live entertainment throughout the marathon course, she’s bringing along her own tunes to push her through those 26.2 miles.  She has about 3 hours worth of music already prepared, so I thought I’d give her a boost during those last handful of miles (no doubt, the toughest ones) with a 1.5 hour playlist created just for her.

Since I know a lot of you are runners (or faithful elliptical users – you know who you are), I thought it would be fun to share the playlist.  Perhaps you’ll be inspired by a song or two!  I, for one, will definitely be listening to this playlist the next time I hit the pavement – I just won’t need all 1.5 hours worth 🙂

So without further ado, I give you the “Ash – Marathon” playlist!

Ash Marathon2

Ash isn’t quite as big a fan of 90’s hip-hop as I am, so I tried my best to limit it in this playlist.   I also recently learned that she has a “thing” for Pitbull (that was a fun night!), so I downloaded his latest and played it in my Spin class this past Monday – might as well get my $1.29 worth!  The LaBouche songs are to pay homage to my first half-marathon back in 2006 – whenever I hear “Be My Lover” I think of turning the corner into German Village at mile 9 of the course and it gives me goosebumps!  “All I Do Is Win” was Ashley and Johnny’s wedding song (not that wedding song, but their reception entrance song).  And “Call Me Maybe”?  That needs no explanation.

Ash isn’t my only friend running the race – her husband Johnny is running his first half and Nash’s boyfriend Kyle is running his first full, just to name a few!  My apartment is right along the course at mile 13.5, and then just one block away is mile 25,  so I’m hosting a marathon-watching brunch party.  What’s better than cheering on friends who are running while drinking hot coffee and bloody marys and eating breakfast casserole?

I’ll be back with a full recap after what is shaping up to be a very busy and fun weekend.  Good luck to all the runners – especially you, Ashley!!!


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