Recall that a few weeks ago I posted about the playlist I made for Ashley’s first marathon.  I received so many positive comments on that playlist that I thought it would be fun to continue the subject!  So let’s talk about music, shall we? (or, as one guy I Tindered with back in the day called it – “musaq”, as in “I lub me some live musaq”  yea…never went out with him).  Specifically, my favorite songs of all time.

Over my 30 years, there have been a handful of songs to which I simply cannot stop listening.  Hundreds of other songs come and go in my rotation, but these top songs remain strong.  When I find a song I like, I listen to it – over and over – and over and over.  I know you’re thinking “everyone does that”, but I’m telling you….I get obsessed.  As in, listen to the same song on repeat…for days.  And with these songs, that obsession lasts much longer than a week or two – it’s a love affair that lasts for years.  A lifetime!

Note that I’m not saying these are the best songs of all time, or the best artists.  I’m just sharing that these are just the songs that I’ve been obsessed with at various points in my life, and continue to be obsessed with to this day.  Judge all you want – I’m not ashamed!

Without further ado, here are my five favorite songs of all time:

  1. Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen
    My work BFF Jenny introduced me to Call Me Maybe before it was popular, back in the spring of 2012, forever changing my life for the better.  I even re-wrote the words for my Hanukkah Party invitation – “Spin Me Maybe“.   This song makes me happy in a way no other song can – when it suprises me on the radio I just know it’s going to be a good day!
    call me maybe
  2. Anything Could Happen – Ellie Goulding (Also the Glee Cast version!)
    My friend Cullen introduced me to the Glee version of this song first when she played it in her Spin class last fall.  I then went back and discovered the original version and fell in love.  For a long time I only listened to Ellie Goulding’s version, but then I started listening to Glee’s version and got hooked.  This song speaks to me in a way very few songs do – I just LOVE it.  I’ve probably listened to it more than any other song ever.  
    anything could happen
  3. Crash (Into Me) – Dave Matthews Band
    Ah, a classic.  Goes all the way back to high school when my crush would play this on his acoustic guitar.  I no longer pine over him when listening, but it’s still a beautiful song and gets me swaying my body no matter where I hear it. Crash_Into_Me
  4. Canon in D – Johann Pachelbel
    Before you start thinking this has anything to do with weddings, believe me – it doesn’t!  My love for this song goes WAY back, probably to the age of five, long before I knew it was associated with walking down the aisle.  My Mom discovered it when she saw the movie “Ordinary People” in the 80s, and her love of it rubbed off on me.  We both have a CD of “Pachelbel’s Greatest Hit” – 12 versions of the same song.  My favorites are #2 and #3.  Although it’s supposed to be a happy song, I find myself listening to it in times of sadness.  It’s simplistic beauty soothes me in a way that Call Me Maybe can’t.  And, yes, when I get married – you better believe I’ll be walking down the aisle to this song!  Cliche, maybe.  Beautiful, always. pachabel
  5. Feels So Good – Mase
    And here’s the wildcard – Mase!  Those of you who know me know I LOVE 90’s hip-hop!  It’s half the reason I became a spin instructor.  And this is by far my favorite hip-hop song.  I really wish I could dance, because if I could it would be to this song.  Let’s be honest – I boogie down to it anyways, just not very well.  I also can rap the lyrics fairly well – in my next lifetime, I want to be a rapper.  Feel_So_Good

Runners Up:

Of course, there are many many others.  And there will continue to be more in the future.  After all, the first two songs in the list only came into my life in the last two years!  My top five list may look a little different in 10 years – but I’m willing to bet I’ll still be rocking out to those songs on a regular basis 🙂

What makes your list?!


  1. Elle Goulding’s “Lights” is one of my favorites, and lately, Kyoto by Skrillex,
    and Counting Stars by One Republic. Also great songs, and Julia’s been rocking out to these lately: Prelude from Suite No. 1 in G Minor for Cello, and Black Dog by Led Zepplin. (The latter is great for working out too.)

    1. counting stars is a great spin song too! and I’m glad to hear that Julia likes classical music in minor tunes – I’ve always preferred minor keys over major 🙂

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